Year 1

NEW! June 2020 

Activities for the children to complete at home

Please look at the activities below in order to support your child’s learning:

Summer Week 12

Wc 20.7.20 Year 1 Timetable

Rights Respecting School Article 29

Maths (14.07.20) Capacity Challenge Cards

Maths (14.07.20) Table for estimating and measuring capacity

Maths (16.07.20) Array Matching Cards 1-10

Maths (16.07.20) Array Information

Maths (16.07.20) Array Pictures

Maths (16.07.20) Array Table

Maths (17.07.20) Chocolate Bar

Art (13.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh Colouring

Art (13.07.20) Stained Glass Window

Art (13.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh Images 3

Art (14.07.20) Charles Mackintosh children’s Work

Art (14.07.20) Scottish Artists

Art (14.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh Images 1

Art (14.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh examples

Art (15.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh Images 2

Art (17.07.20) Rose Images

Charles Mackintosh EXAMPLE

Geography (15.07.20) Scotland Information

English (13.07.20) Storyboard

History (13.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh

History (13.07.20) Charles Rennie Mackintosh Fact Sheet

Science (13.07.20) Frog Life Cycle

Science (13.07.20) Amphibian pictures

RE (15.07.20) The Sower and the Seeds Parable

RE (13.07.20) Monkey King Power Point

Mrs Lambert’s example of model writing

Summer Week 11

Wc 06.07.20 Year 1 Timetable


acrostic poem template 07.07.20

Acrostic poem PPT 07.07.20

English sea creatures 08.07.20

English fish report 08.07.20

English (09.07.20) (story board)

Fish mindful colouring

Length powerpoint 06.07.20

measuring length 06.07.20

Maths (06.07.20) compare table

Maths (7.07.20) measuring weight on scales

Maths (07.07.20) reading scales (weight)

Maths (07.07.20) reading scales weight

Maths lightest to heaviest 07.07.20

Maths Capacity 08.07.20

Maths Activity 1 (09.07.20)

Maths Sorting Activity 10.07.20

Science living, not living PPT

Science (fish facts)

Science ART. Fish poster

Science Under-the-sea-word-mat

Sorting Living Things and Nonliving Things Worksheet

United Kingdom PPT

R.E. Jonah and the Big Fish story (PowerPoint)

R.E. Jonah and the Big fish story sequencing

Summer 9

Year 1 Closure Timetable Summer Week 9 22nd June 2020

Right Respecting Article of the Week Article-2 22nd June


Maths (22.06.20) Bird bar chart

Maths (23.06.20) Animal bar chart

Maths (23.06.20) Blank bar chart

Maths (25.06.20) Activity 1

Maths (25.06.20) Activity 2

Maths (25.06.20) Activity 3

Maths (26.06.20) Problem solving activity 1

Maths (26.06.20) Problem solving activity 2

Maths (26.06.20) Problem solving activity 3


English (22.06.20) Book Sorting Activity

English (22.06.20) book sorting answers

English (25.06.20) (story board)

Art (birds to draw)

Art (mindfulness colouring birds)

D.T. Bird Feeder instructions

P.E. Catch a Ball Challenge

R.E. Hindu story (The Deer and the Crow)

Geography (weather chart)

Science (Birds word mat)

Science. Birds Science (British birds information)

Science (Bird table to complete)

RRSA Article-of-the-Week_Article-2_ 22nd June


 Reading Activities

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Reading Mat Guidance

Other activities:  

2D Shape Chick Cutting Skills Worksheets

Common Exception Words Year 1 Activity Book

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game Board Game

Year 1 One More and One Less Maths Mastery Game

Year 1 Science Learning from Home (Everyday Materials) Activity Booklet

Curriculum Information

Year 1 curriculum overview 2019-20

Year 1 Maths Long term overview 2019-20

Yr 1 literacy long term planning 2019-20

Year 1 phonics longterm overview 2019-20

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End of Year 1 expectations

Year 1 Blog HERE

Year 1 Parent Information

Yr 1parents meeting pp 2019

Year 1 Topic Information Spring Second Half 2020

Year 1 Topic Information Spring 1 2020

Year 1 Topic Information Autumn Second Half 19

Year 1 Useful Websites

‘Supporting Your Child to have a Growth Mindset’


BBC Bitesize KS1 English


Phonics Screening Check Year 1

Understanding Phonics

Phonics Sound Pronunciation guide

Reading online


Top Marks Maths Crickweb

Maths Zone 

Maths ICT games

Other Useful Links: 

BBC Bitesize KS1 Curriculum subjects (includes links to art, science, geography, history and more subjects)



BBC iPlayer with fun learning programmes:


History BBC Bitesize for KS1 History Interactive game on The Great Fire of London Learn about Florence Nightingale

Geography KS1 BBC Bitesize for KS1 Geography Nature and recycling ideas Learn about the weather Google’s online interactive globe! Home learning activities to extend skills and knowledge in Geography National Geographic Kids