International Schools Award

We are committed to our work with other schools both nationally and internationally.

International Schools Award Project

Activity 1 – French club

Activity 2 – Geography

Activity 3 – European Day of Languages

Activity 4 – Half term language

Activity 5 – Black History Week

Activity 6 – German link School

Activity 7 – Singapore School link

Activity 8 – Brunei School link

Activity 9 – Stories from different countries

Activity 10 – Chinese New Year and Tai Chi

Activity 11 – International Womens Day

Activity 12 – French Easter cards

Activity 13 – International Art

Activity 14- World Cup (1)

Activity 15 – Eddie and Betty Save the World (1)


Chater Infant School was recently awarded The Artsmark Silver award.  This award celebrates the broad and balanced curriculum that is provided at Chater and recognises the hard work of staff and the talented children.

Rights Respecting School Award

Chater Infant School has been awarded Level 1 status by UNICEF in recognition of our work promoting children’s rights. We will now be working towards Level 2. Rights are about making sure people are treated well and get a fair deal. They set out the sorts of things that must be put in place for this to happen. Everybody has these rights and everybody should respect the rights of other people. We all have a responsibility to do that. That’s how you get a safe and happy society. Chater Infant School supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention has 54 articles. You can find out more at the UNICEF website. UNICEF promotes children’s rights all over the world. Chater Infant School Agreement September 2014 The children have created their own class Charters. They discuss all the Rights in class and decided on which ones they needed to focus on in class. Heron Class  Heron Class Woodpecker Class Woodpecker Class Kingfisher Class Kingfisher Class Owl Class  Owl Class Puffin Class  Puffin Class Swan Class Swan Class